Villa Bagnolo



GRAPE:100%  Sangiovese

CITY: Castrocaro Terme

SOIL: Clay and limestone, medium skeleton

COLOR: Bright ruby red with purple reflections

NOSE: Intense perfumes of fresh fruit, with hints of cherry, strawberry and light sensations of hay

TASTE: Medium to full bodied, with good acidity and a very memorable finish. It is very easy to drink although it reveals a very engaging complexity. A wine to drink!

Emilia-Romagna region is considered by many the culinary capital of Italy, however the wine making of this region never got under the spotlight. This is probably due to two main factors: 1) The sweet Lambrusco produced in Emilia which was largely exported in the 60s and 70s to “conquer” non-wine drinking markets; 2) the light and cheap Sangiovese produced in Romagna and consumed in the local “Trattoria” after the second world war.

In the 90s a real revolution occurred in both viticulture and wine making philosophy, and today Emilia-Romagna provides top quality wines second to none in the World Production.

Villa Bagnolo Estate lays on the sunny hillside in the south of Romagna, laterally steps away from Tuscany Region. As a matter of fact this portion of Romagna was indeed Tuscany till 1920 when the dictator Mussolini re-shaped his native region Romagna “stealing” a part of the great Tuscan soil particularly suitable for the production of great wines based on Sangiovese grape.

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