Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

GRAPE:70% Corvina (of which 30% Corvinone), 20% Rondinella, 5% Oseletta, 5% Molinara

CITY: Mezzane di Sotto (in Verona county)

SOIL: Clay, limestone. 492 feet above sea level
COLOR: Typical dark ruby-red with bright highlights

NOSE: Intense, ample with scents of dry fruit, citrus zest and
spices. Reveals tobacco, Mediterranean herbs.
TASTE: Velvet, warm and full on the palate with soft tannins and a long memorable finish.


Valpolicella is called the “Valley that Flies” because every grape
variety we grow in the valley carries the name of a bird: Corvina, Rondinella, Oseleta, Dindarella. That
is why our Carra Amarone has wings to fly!
Amarone is the masterpiece wine resulted from the process that takes the name of
“APPASSIMENTO”. After a gentle hand pick harvest, the grapes are dried for three/four months on
straw mats to let the water evaporate thus concentrate the sugar content and the aromas of the grape
itself. Once pressed the juice ferments on the skins very slowly for about 40 days with frequent pump
over to extract flavors and color. After fermentation the wine ages in big Slovenian oak barrels for
about 2 years, then we allow the wine to rest in the bottle for another year before we release it.
Excellent with roasted meat, game, steaks and aged cheeses it changes the dinner into a special
occasion. Great also after dinner as wine for meditation with a good cigar in good company!!!

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