Casa Emma

The Bucalossi family bought the estate from the Florentine noblewoman Emma Bizzarri. They have maintained the name “Casa Emma” respecting the historical roots of this land. The Bucalossi family and more precisely, Fiorella Lepri, from the earliest times have settled in their estates to have a direct contact with the territory and have remained there to this day, pushed from the pride of those who made these lands reborn, cuddling vineyards and then reap the rewards…
Deeply attached to this land, you can see Fiorella turn between the rows of their vineyards, with their workers, as more and more interested in the life of a farmer rather than in a comfortable life.
The old vines, disappear to give way to vineyards with geometric rows, sublime games of joints, like the pages of an open book that let anyone see the history of Casa Emma.

The inherent philosophy of the company is to integrate the work of men with the surrounding environment so they merge into a single block of spectacular beauty. The estate of Casa Emma with its beautiful botanical park of Chianti with the blossoming roses of Chianti, with its beautiful vineyards, arranged like an amphitheater around the central core, reveals an ancient philosophy of life, where one can truly enjoy everything that surrounds them only by merging into it and thereby contribuiting to its improvements.
Located at the heart of Chianti Classico, at an altitude of 420m. above sea level, the vineyards of Casa Emma are surely among the greatest expressions that a land like Chianti Classico can offer. At Casa Emma grape varieties such as Merlot are grown, or others more linked to traditional as Malvasia Nera and Canaiolo, but Sangiovese remains dominants: one of the oldest Italian vines, always at the base of the Chianti Classico wine, occupying almost the entire area used for growing vines.
Tradition and historical roots should not be in any way synonymous with technological backwardness and all of this at Casa Emma is well understood.


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Italian number: +39 348 25 606 25 (whatsapp available)