Trentino Alto-Adige



GRAPE:100%  Pinot Nero

CITY: Roverè della Luna

SOIL: Granite - limestone - clay hillside

COLOR: Golden-yellow with bright greenish highlights

NOSE: Elegant bouquet it is an explosion of the characteristic aroma of Moscato

TASTE: Sweet, warm and well-balanced it remembers jasmine flower in the finish

Trentino is the northern region of Italy and it is characterized by its cold weather. The region can be divided into three climatic zones: the valley of lakes, with Mediterranean climate; the river valley (called:Val d’Adige) with sub-continental climate; and the lateral river valley, with Alpine climate. Gaierhof winery lies in Roverè della Luna (that means “Oak of the Moon”) and it owes its romantic name to the fact that a majestic oak tree once stood at the center of the town and the Adige river that runs through the center of the valley here makes a turn that looks like a half-moon when seen from the road.

Moscato Giallo is a delicate dessert wine perfect for creamy cakes and fruit tart. It is excellent with fresh and aged cheese served with fruit and jams.

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