Nani Rizzi


GRAPE:100%  Glera

CITY: Valdobbiadene

SOIL: Limestone, clay

COLOR: Straw-yellow with green highlights

PERLAGE: Persistent, with thin elegant bubbles

NOSE: Intense and fruity, with notes of flowers and bread crust

TASTE: Dry, medium bodied, good acidity and very creamy on the palate

After the harvest the Glera grapes are de-stemmed, soft pressed and fermented in stainless steel temperature-controlled tanks. At this point the Prosecco Wine is kept refrigerated (about 39° F.) in big steel tanks until it is the time to do the secondary fermentation that makes it Sparkling. To do that a portion of Prosecco wine is transferred into special steel vats where sugar and selected yeast are added to start the secondary fermentation. After 15/20 days the Prosecco becomes sparkling and it is ready to be bottled.

This Prosecco is a “BRUT” version that means minimum alcohol content 12% vol., the pressure must be above 45 PSI and the residual sugar must be below 16 grams per liter. In Italy Prosecco is considered the perfect aperitif thanks to its dry fruity taste that is a pleasure for the palate and puts in good mood. Prosecco is the friendly wine good for any occasion: to welcome friends at home, to stimulate the appetite before lunch or dinner or just to entertain the friends on the side of the swimming pool! This wine is a good companion to appetizers, poultry, seafood and cheese. Best served chilled, 50° F




Silver Medal

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