Feudo di San Nicola

NegroAmaro Puglia IGT

GRAPE: 100% NegroAmaro

CITY: Carosino - Taranto county

SOIL: Clay, calcareus

COLOR: Intense ruby red with violet highlights.  

NOSE: Complex and elegant with plums, spices and cherries

TASTE: Soft tannins, worm with a good acidity and a characteristic black liquorice aftertaste

Negro Amaro is the name of this particular grape variety that is grown only in south of Italy. Literally it means “Black and Bitter” due to the intense dark color and to the very thick skin of the grape. If chewed, the grape leaves a bitter feeling in the back of the palate, but thick skin is the key for complexity, structure and perfumes in the wine. It is one of the most ancient and traditional varieties grown by the Etruscan more then three thousand years ago.

In August we do the "Green Harvest" leaving on the vine only the best grapes that are wisely hand picked during the night to protect them from the hot weather of Puglia. Quickly transported to the winery they are di-stemmed, soft pressed and fermented in temperature controlled stainless still vats. The Negro Amaro macerates on the skins in still vats for 10 to 15 days and then, after been racked, it finishes the fermentation in oak barrels for about 25 days. After other three months of resting in the barrels, Negro Amaro is stabilized and bottled.

This wine comes from the Joint Venture between Nicola Biscardo and Andrea Tinazzi owner of Corte Vecchia, in order to develop and supply southern Italian wines with grace, elegance and constant proven quality. Perfect with roasted and grilled meats, game and aged cheeses.

Served at 64° F.

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