Fiano Paestum IGT “SAN MATTEO”



 | Winery: Alfonso Rotolo

GRAPE: 100% Fiano

CITY: Rutino (Salerno county, 2 hours south of Naples below the Amalfi Coast)

SOIL: Clay and volcanic. South West exposure, 1,200 feet above sea level

COLOR: Sunlight yellow with green reflections

NOSE: Predominance of flint with notes of orange blossom and wild Mediterranean flowers which evolve into more fruity notes with a very discreet trace of eucalyptus

TASTE: The first impact is its freshness sustained by its acidity which underlines its structure. A considerable minerality backs the predominant notes of citrus. There is a pleasant aromatic persistence with a light after-taste of almond and nuts. When aged the minerality becomes predominant

Tech Sheet

My relationship with wine is essential and indispensable, not only because my childhood has had as the scene of the family vineyards and the countless harvests awaited yearly with the impatience and the emotion to live them, but also because I admit to try for every wine I make, that kind of jealousy you feel for a precious creature that you want to keep and protect till it can become the real messenger of your way of conceiving it”.


“San Matteo” is the name of the place where Alfonso Rotolo Estate is located. The wine takes this name because it is the purest expression of this territory and its traditions. The 15 acres of Rotolo Estate are entirely cultivated at Fiano (white grape) and Aglianico (red grape).

The vineyards are all at guyot system with very low yield per acre and the farming is sustainable in every aspect.

Vinification: Cold-soak at 39° F. on the skins for about 18 hours to enhance extraction of perfumes and structure.

Temperature controlled fermentation for about 15 days in stainless steel vats, then the wine is kept for about one year to sharpen (“affinamento”) in stainless steel and in the bottle.

Suitable for very long aging Fiano San Matteo does not fear time and expresses its character with unparalleled elegance and grace for at least 10 years after the harvest. Perfect companion to seafood, pasta and white meat.

Total production: about 20,000 bottles in a good year.

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