GRAPE: 100%  Inzolia

CITY: Marsala

SOIL: Clay hillside

COLOR: Bright straw yellow, with greenish reflections

PERLAGE: Persistent effervescence

NOSE: Elegant hints of citrus zest from orange to cardamon and pink grapefruit, surrounded by unique scents of thermal hot springs and freshly baked bread

TASTE: Fresh, fragrant, and slightly savory, with a persistent effervescence that enhance the drinkability. Its
aromatic persistence provides a very long and
pleasant finish

Tech Sheet

The hand-picked grapes arrive at the winery in small crates to prevent damages and undesired fermentation during transportation.
Here they rest for one day at low temperature before being destemmed and crashed. The grape must, after natural static decanting, ferments for about 20 days at 60° F. and remains sur lie for about two months with periodic “bâtonnage”. The unfiltered and unfined wine goes through the secondary fermentation in the bottle (classic method or champenoise method) by adding unfermented must of the same harvest previously refrigerated. The obtained sparkling wine is not disgorged, therefore the sediments are still in the bottle adding character and complexity (Pet-Nat = Pétillant Naturel or Integrale = whole or Ancestrale = ancestral) There are different ways to enjoy this style of sparkling wine, you can either give a gentile twist while turning the bottle upside down to rise the sediment thus dusty the wine; or you can carefully pour it in the glass without agitating the sediment and enjoy it crystal clear.
My favorite way is to gently pour the wine in each glass crystal clear tasting the wine in its pure taste, then agitate the little remain in the bottle and pour a little bit of sediment in each glass so that I can appreciate the extra complexity given by the yeasts.

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