Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi DOCG “VIATORRE”



 | Winery: Vallerosa Bonci

GRAPE: 100%  Verdicchio

CITY: Cupramontana

COLOR: Straw-yellow  with greenish highlights

NOSE: Intense   and  delicate  it  is  tightly focused with citrus and lemon aromas; it also keeps white flowers and green apples to mind

TASTE: The  wine  is  clean  and  well balanced, it is dry, fresh and slightly fruity.

Tech Sheet

Verdicchio is the name of the grape variety and it is grown only in Marche Region. There are two different appellations for Verdicchio: “Castelli di Jesi” and “Matelica”. The first one close to the coast on the Adriatic Sea, while the second is more in land. Thanks to the location the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi gets many influences from the sea and develops a characteristic mineral taste. The economy of Marche Region was always based on the fishing so this wine became the perfect match for seafood. Excellent with shellfish as scallops, mussels, clamps, crabs and lobster.

Only the best Verdicchio grapes are selected and hand picked in the Manciano Single Vineyard. Quickly transported to the winery they are destemmed and soft pressed in pneumatic press, called “bladder press”, to extract only the best juice and leave the skins and the seeds intact. The juice and the skins macerate together for about 18 hours below 39.2 F (cold soak technique) to increase the extraction of flavor and reduce extraction of oxidant elements like phenols. At this point the juice is separate from the skins and proceed to the temperature controlled fermentation for 10 days in stainless still vats. After refrigeration and stabilization the wine is bottled and ready to drink.

No oak aging nor malolactic

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