01. The Producers

Our producers

Here is who we are, plain and simple as you can see in this picture shot: we are family. Authentic, genuine, direct growers and wine makers that for generations have been nurturing the vineyards and have been producing natural wines in the quiet silence of our wineries. Lives dedicated to sustainable farming, zero impact facilities blended in the environment, low intervention wines and love are our secret weapons and the recipe of our success.

We are real people, that is wine our wines have real identity and personality.

We do not produce fermented grape juice, we deliver emotions through a glass of wine.

Success is the result of the combination of three “S”: Semplicità, Sostenibilità e Sapere (Simplicity, Sustainability and Knowledge)

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02. Who we are

We specialize in “indigenous” varietals

We are a group of family owned wineries/estates that believe in tradition, low intervention wine making and sustainability.

Our mission is to promote and protect our heritage by safeguarding ancient varieties and old appellations. Grapes like Ciliegiolo and Tignolo from Tuscany, Biancolella and Forestera from Ischia island, and Sciascinoso and Sapezza from Campania are our bread and butter. Not to mention the esoteric Uva di Troia from Puglia, the old appellations like Asprinio di Aversa made 100% in alberata with vines reaching 45 feet height, or the Timorasso from Colli Tortonesi, an obscure appellation bordering Piedmont and Liguria!

Should we talk about Mount Etna in Sicily or Terra dei Nuraghe in Sardinia??? Yes we should….so contact us!

02. What we do

NB Selections formerly CONEXPORT ITALY

Nicola Biscardo Selections (or NB Selections for our friends) still keeps the name of Conexport in Italy, our homeland.

Italy is where we are, what we are, and what we do! Although we are all independent vintners and our vineyards belong to the different families for generations, we decided to gather forces and help each other out to reach distant markets. We thought, invented, and created the concept of “Self-importing” wines, so that we can provide to our Wholesalers top quality wines coming by low yield and small production, with the efficiency and the competitive advantage of the big commercial companies.

In few words, we provide high quality and prestigious wines that are sustainable for the environmenthealthy for your body and competitive for you pockets! We are not an intermediary, we are a bridge from our vineyards to you.

03. We present you

Warm up with a red from warm Sicily!

Massive yet extremely elegant on the palate. The tannins are potent but very polished and supported by good acidity and a very long finish.
Warming up on the palate the wine explodes with lot of fruit from black cherry to mulberry, from blueberry to myrtle



Gennaio 31, 2020 / Wines

No alla Geotermia Speculativa nella terra del Morellino

Il territorio del Morellino sta per essere sfigurato dall’escavazione di 4 pozzi geotermici di profondità (3,5km).
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Indigenous Grapes

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