Nov 10, 2021 | 

Category:  Best Trip, Vini Bio, Wines

We are very excited to present this new wine made by Villa Bagnolo, in Romagna!

Villa Bagnolo Estate lays on the sunny hillside in the south of Romagna, literally steps away from Tuscany Region. As a matter of fact this portion of Romagna was indeed Tuscany till 1920, when dictator Mussolini re-shaped his native region Romagna “stealing” a part of the great Tuscan soil particularly suitable for the production of great wines based on Sangiovese grape.
L’Oste is our “friendly and fun” bottle of wine, that expresses the complexity of the Sangiovese and the sustainable farming at Villa Bagnolo.

“We believe in nature and time, so we respect nature and we let time to do its course….if you take care of your vine, the wine comes by itself”!
(Vito Ballarati, owner of Villa Bagnolo Estate)