GRAPE:100%  Pinot Grigio

CITY: Buttrio - Udine

SOIL: Limestone – Clay - Iron
FERMENTATION: Temperature Controlled in stainless still for about a week at 61° - 64° F.
COLOR: Straw-yellow with green highlights.
NOSE: The wine is rich and flavorful; it displays an apple bouquet with reminiscent of fresh flowers.
TASTE: This wine is dry, full and harmonious, keeps a good
acidity with a great fruitiness.


Pinot Grigio is the most popular of the Italian White wines in USA thanks to its elegant flavor and a lower alcohol content which makes the wine pleasant to drink and healthy. The easy and not pretentious style of the Italian Pinot Grigio makes this wine perfect for expert palates that wants to enjoy a casual glass of wine socializing with their friends prior to a meal at any time of the day, but also for immature wine drinkers that are gradually leaving sweet beverages to explore the multiple satisfaction that dry wines are capable to offer.
Conti Pinot Grigio is more complex at the nose then most of the Pinot Grigio in the market, thus it entertains with an ample bouquet and intriguing aromas. At the same time it keeps a good acidity level that does not overwhelm the palate but makes it very refreshing and very approachable.
A wine to drink and relax....perfect companion to appetizer, light pasta dishes, poultry and seafood of any kind. Best served chilled, 50° F.

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