COLOR: Dark amber

NOSE: Reminiscence of a pine tree forest.
Herbaceous, spicy and bitter

TASTE: A pleasant taste of herbs and clean notes of mint and spices

Tech Sheet

LUSOR – “the Light”
This is the ultimate Amaro, the real deal, the mixology dream, the bitter!
Lusor is the signature Amaro of Buiese Distillery 1918, the one that made this family famous in
Italy and abroad.
It gets its name from the bright yellow gentian flower which recalls the sunlight, luce in Italian and
“Lusor” in Friuli Dialect.
30 secret herbs infused for at least 3 months in alcohol, then pressed and aged for more than 6
Then this unique infused is crafted into the famous Lusor Amaro.
Alcohol content: 26% by Vol.
Net Content: 700ml
Package: 6 bottles per case
Pallet: 100 cases

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