COLOR: Bright orange

NOSE: Floral and sweet, nice scents of orange

TASTE: Rhubarb, bitter herbs and orange

Tech Sheet

APERITIVO BUIESE is a small batch aperitivo made without artificial nor synthetic flavoring.
The family still follows the traditional recipe based on orange zest and saffron which provides the
vibrant orange color and a very iconic flavor.
Aperitivo Buiese goes hand to hand with the Spritz, the most traditional Italian Aperitivo that was born in the Veneto region during the Austrian domination. The Austrian soldiers were used to cut our heavy wines with sparkling water to make them bubbly, more approachable and easier to drink.

However, for the Italians that was not enough, therefore at the beginning of the 1900 we took the habit to enhance the flavor of the diluted wine with orange based liqueurs.
Buiese family has been carrying on the tradition since 1918.
Ideal to be mixed with Carra Prosecco or NotteBianca for the perfect SPRITZ.
Remember 3-2-1: three parts Prosecco, 2 parts APERITIVO BUIESE, 1 part club soda.
Ingredients: Orange zest, Saffron, secret herbs.
Alcohol content: 11% by Vol.
Net Content: 1 Liter
Package: 6 bottles per case
Pallet: 100 cases

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