NotteRosa Modena Brut DOC

GRAPE: 70% Salamino – 30% Sorbara (indigenous grapes of Emilia-Romagna Region)

CITY: Carpi

SOIL: Clay and limestone, medium skeleton

COLOR: Light pink color, tending to rose petals

PERLAGE: intense, with thin and persistent bubbles

NOSE: fruity and floral with a pleasant yeasty perfume

TASTE: dry, medium bodied, with great acidity, and a long finish

Tech Sheet

Notte Bianca means White Night and represents one of the most popular night events during summer in Italy. The first Notte Bianca is dated 1833 in Lanciano Abruzzo region, since then, on the night between September 13th and 14th the city of Lanciano does not go to sleep and all over in the city art and cultural events are performed for the pleasure of the people. In 2003 on the night between September 23rd and 24th the city of Rome established its own Notte Bianca which immediately became famous because it coincided with the biggest black-out Europe ever experienced!!! Soon the idea of this magic night full of art, concerts, street food, fireworks, restless restaurants, bars and museums spread all over Italy and Europe: Berlin, Paris, Barcellona, but also Naples, Milan, Torino, Reggio Calabria, Verona…..and now all over the boot!!! In Emilia-Romagna region this special night is called Notte Rosa or Pink Night and the cities are all decorated in pink.

We called this wine NotteRosa because it is a rosé brut made with the unique Salamino and Sorbara grapes and it is an homage to this beautiful initiative that wants to promote friendship, culture and interaction between people of all ages.

Perfect as aperitif on its own, or mixed in bubbling cocktails….particularly indicated for seafood, sushi and tapas. Enjoy it chilled at 55-60 F. and make sure you always have a bottle in the fridge, you never know who may knock at your door today!!! Better be safe than sorry 😉

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