Carra – Prosecco Wines

Feb 9, 2021 | 

Veneto | 


CARRA wines are a celebration of the best and the brightest classic wines from some of our favorite wine estates, that are part of Nicola Biscardo Selections portfolio. Nicola Biscardo, together with Oenologist Giuseppe Vassanelli, carefully selects one or more estates that represent the traditional winemaking methods of the region, coupled with the ability to create a wine for the US market that has significant, excellent, value. Currently, our Prosecco Coviello and Pulcinella are made selecting the grapes from our producer San Martino Vini in Treviso doc.

The grapes are wisely selected among the vineyards surrounding the winery in an area between the Piave River and the steep hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. 

The labels represent a typical “Folkloristic Characters” born in Naples in the 1500 and named “Coviello” and “Pulcinella”.

Coviello and Pulcinella characters interpret several roles in the comedy throughout the centuries, however, traditionally they were the “dumb/smart” or the “smart/dumb”, the ones that pretended to be silly while extremely smart or the ones that were very stupid trying to be considered the smartest of all; that contradiction was ensuring laughter and joy in the audience during every play.

We believe that Coviello and Pulcinella are the best way to describe the character of Prosecco wine, a foolish yet friendly and delicious Sparkling wine, able to compete with much more serious and complex Champagne, and always able to bring joy to the palates and to the hearts of the wine lovers.