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The Biscardo Winery from generation to generation

The history of Biscardo Wines started in 1840 when the “host” Francesco Biscardo was producing wine in the basement of his coaching-house for his guests.

In 1867 Pietro Biscardo took over the family business together with his son Terenzio Biscardo, the real Visioner of the wine legacy of this family.

Terenzio Biscardo

It was indeed the 1878, when the patriarch Terenzio Biscardo founded his first winery in the center of Bussolengo, a little village overlooking the Valpolicella.

At that time the family had various businesses, including a coaching horse-hotel in Bussolengo, that was serving wine to the guests coming from Austria and from the neighboring villages. The notoriety of Biscardo wine grew quickly and the winery grew with it, to the point where Pompilio and Luigi Biscardo (two of the 18 kids of Terenzio) decided to dedicate themselves to the winery investing in what at that time was cutting hedge technology in the wine industry.

Pompilio Biscardo the 900’s

The vision of Pompilio Biscardo brought the winery to become the most important wine company of Veneto Region through the 1950s.

Pompilio was then awarded “Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana”, a decoration reserved to whom distinguished themselves for their achievements and success. The sudden and unexpected passing of Pompilio Biscardo left his two sons Augusto and Terenzio Jr. with their uncle and cousins managing the company till the 1970’s. 

Terenzio and Nicola Biscardo

At that point the Biscardo family split into two parts that are both active in the wine business up to these days.

Terenzio Biscardo and his son Nicola Biscardo revamped the brand Marchesi Biscardo and created a new one called Carra, both testimony of the 180 years tradition of Biscardo family.

In a world that has changed pace and accelerated exponentially, Nicola Biscardo took on his shoulder the responsibility of re-modulating the family business with one eye looking at the future and one eye looking back to his ancestors achievements.

SUSTAINABILITY is Nicola’s mantra, it is the starting point and the end result. Nicola Biscardo decided not to be flattered but the new exotic trends and glittering mirages offered by social medias and wine influencers, but to be an ambassador of Sustainability and Tradition, the only cure for an healthy lifestyle and bright future. 

Marchesi Biscardo wines are the pure expression of the tradition of winemaking in Valpolicella. 

Biscardo wines are made exclusively with grapes coming from the vineyard in the Classico Area of Valpolicella at over 1800 feet above sea level and they are the expression of old gestures supported by the latest technology.

Time, passion and sustainable farming are the trademark for those wines. 

“Vini d’Emozione” or Emotional Wines, able to wake up the deepest memories and emotions through nose and palate.

Carra wines are the homage to grandpa Pompilio Biscardo, a man that I never met but I heard he was nicknamed the “marmorin” (little marble) because he was used to sit on the marble steps of his winey offering wine to whom could not afford it, spending hours telling stories and enjoying each other company. 

Carra wines are made using the grapes coming from the vineyards in Mezzane di Sotto, just outside the Classico Area, they are fruit forward, friendly and easy to drink, just like grandpa always wanted!

Nicola Biscardo 

The staff of Biscardo winery back in the 40s

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